Wendy Brandes Concierge


Wendy Brandes Concierge is a new service we are offering to an exceptional group of select retailers.

Why work with us?

· Wendy specializes in unique limited-edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry.
· Wendy Brandes Concierge gives you a zero obligation way of offering a truly special piece to your clients who are
looking ·to add a future heirloom to their collection.
· Since you aren’t required to carry Wendy’s full collection, or even a minimum number of items, you can reserve your cases for your “bread and butter” offerings.
· Working with us gives your customers the only access to our brand in your city -- we keep a tight list of preferred retailers and the only way for customers to try on some of our most luxurious pieces is through you.

How does it work?

The way Wendy Brandes Concierge works is that a retailer can request one or more pieces from our beautiful printed lookbook to show a particular client in an intimate setting — serving a glass of Prosecco is optional, but recommended! We ship the piece to the retailer, and at that time, the customer has the option of purchasing the piece from your store. If no purchase is made, it is shipped back to us. This service comes at no financial
commitment to the retailer.

Extra perks and selling tools we provide:

· A “romance” card with designer information and inspiration behind each piece.
· In-store appearances.
· On-brand social media content (pictures and videos) ready for you to download and use.
· The opportunity to customize pieces or create a one-of-a-kind piece at your client’s request.
· An organized “cheat sheet” with all pricing information.

To request a list of Concierge partners in your area, or to inquire about becoming a Wendy Brandes Concierge preferred retail partner, please contact us.