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Wendy Brandes Gold

Wendy launched her line with a collection of 18K yellow gold limited-edition and one-of-a-kind designs focused on real-life fascinating women — everyone from the renowned Elizabeth I to more-obscure royalty such as Isabella, “the She-Wolf of France.” The designer’s world-class workmanship is instantly recognizable, as is the unusual heft of her rings and pendants; her warm satin finish; and use of contrasting, blackened gold details. The gold collection often features hidden gems and figures, as well as surprising mechanical elements, such as the spinning lapis lazuli globe ensnared by a dragon’s teeth in Brandes’s Empress Wu ring. Supermodel Christy Turlington captured the spirit of the collection when she wrote that the Empress Wu ring is ”a bit scary, but really a cool piece of art," after seeing it spotting the ring on Vogue Paris’s website.

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Wendy Brandes Platinum

In 2015, Wendy launched her Punk Platinum collection to pay tribute to her longtime fascination with punk music and fashion, as well as the then-pending 40th anniversary of the movement. She takes special delight in “dirtying up” the ultra-precious metal most associated with bridal jewelry and extravagant red-carpet loaners for celebrities. The Punk Platinum line proves that platinum can be fun and accessible to any rebel who just so happens to have sophisticated taste. Many of the designs are also available in 18K gold and silver.

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Wendy Brandes Silver

Silver is Wendy’s go-to metal for lightning-fast commentary on developments in current pop culture and politics. It began with her much-imitated swear ring set. Later, she introduced a middle finger emoji earring … before middle finger emojis existed on phones. Her silver NASTY necklace was available for pre-order mere days after the infamous 2016 “nasty woman” presidential debate.

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