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Return Policy

At this time, as a small company selling luxury products, we are not able to accept returns! Consider carefully before you make a purchase and ask us as many questions as you like. Wendy Brandes jewelry is designed to make a statement. Many gold pieces are quite large. However, photos can be misleading and the occasional smaller piece may seem larger online than it is in real life. Use the measurements listed as your guide. 


We ship via U.S. Express Mail, U.S. Priority Mail and UPS. Insurance is required and will be included in your total. In-stock items will be shipped within two business days unless stated otherwise. Items are shipped in oversize boxes for security, In some cases, they are double-boxed. See the Jewelers Mutual site for more information on safe shipping.  If you are in the state of New York and you make a purchase, we will add appropriate sales tax. Elsewhere, you are responsible for any local usage taxes and, when overseas, applicable customs duties.



Tax will be charged on orders shipping to New York.

Price Changes

Prices may be changed at any time due to volatility in the metals markets. However, if you place an order, you will be charged the price that is on the website at that time. If you don't place your order on a particular day, we can't guarantee that the same piece will be available at the same price the next day, week or month.

Most items are manufactured in extremely limited quantities in New York City. Please read Wendy's blog post on manufacturing to understand the costs and benefits of supporting local business.


Your information will be kept confidential and secure. We will never rent or sell any of your information to a third party. We will send you email to track/confirm/discuss your order and if you sign up for the mailing list. If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, you may unsubscribe at anytime via MailChimp.

Requesting Special Sizes

Rings can be ordered in a variety of sizes, while many necklaces can be made with different chain lengths. If you need a special size, you can email us to make your request before you order online. We will confirm whether the size change can be made; how long it will take; and if any additional charges apply.

Requesting Variations on Existing Designs

Some designs can be made in a variety of metals. While a piece may be shown on the website in 18K yellow gold, it might also be available in rose or white gold upon request. Some designs can also be made in silver. In other cases, a piece may be set with different stones than shown on the website. If you are interested in requesting a variation on an existing design, email us. We will confirm whether your request can be accommodated; how long it will take to fulfill the request; and whether any additional charges apply.

Requesting Custom Designs

We do make completely original designs. Please be advised that creating a couture piece is more costly than purchasing a ready-made piece. Full payment is required before any work is done on a custom piece, after the design has been approved. There are no returns or exchanges for custom pieces. Not all requests for custom work are accepted. Requests for copies of another designer's work will always be declined. If you wish to discuss a custom piece, email us.

Caring for Jewelry

Jewelry is not indestructible; even diamonds, the hardest substance on earth, are not indestructible. Please keep your jewelry in its box or bag when you are not wearing it. While all Wendy Brandes designs can be worn every day, they should not be worn every minute of every day. Protect your jewelry from sharp blows, chemicals, excessive exposure to strong sunlight and extreme temperatures. Do not expose jewelry to lotions, hair spray and perfume. Mechanical pieces are particularly vulnerable. We strongly advise you not to wear jewelry while swimming, showering, working out, doing household chores, handling your luggage in the airport, and during other activities in which pieces might get dirty or damaged. Wendy Brandes pieces are treasures and should be treated as such.

Poison Rings and Lockets: Special Care Instructions

Poison rings, lockets and other mechanical pieces with moving parts can and should last for years. Lockets from the 1500s are still in working order. That said, these pieces are delicate and need special care. Impact with a hard surface can damage the mechanism, causing the piece to fail to open or fail to close. It is especially important not to wear these pieces while doing any kind of manual labor. In addition, while it is possible to wear mechanical pieces every day - and open and close the pieces numerous times a day - you should not open and close the piece hundreds or thousands of times a day. All closures and hinges loosen slightly over time and with use. If your mechanical piece fails to open or close, email us to discuss repairs. If you send the piece to another jeweler who is not familiar with the mechanism, we aren’t responsible for the outcome.

When you open your poison ring for the first time, do it gently so you can feel the point at which it naturally resists further motion. Do not force the ring open past that point.

Ball Chains: Special Care Instructions

Ball chains, which look like strings of tiny round beads, are stylish but more delicate than traditional cable chains. Always use the clasp to take your necklace off rather than pulling it over your head.

Cleaning Jewelry

Gold and diamond jewelry can be cleaned at home in warm soapy water. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to GENTLY remove any dirt. Dry the jewelry with a lint-free cloth. Commercial jewelry cleaners can also be used. We discourage the use of at-home ultrasonic cleaners, which can dislodge stones. Colored stones are more complicated. The best thing to do a home is to wipe pieces with colored stones gently with a slightly damp lint-free, soap-free cloth. Other than that, we recommend that you bring your colored-stone jewelry to a professional jeweler for cleaning. Your jeweler will be familiar with the needs and sensitivities of the stones. Porous stones such as turquoise, coral and amber should not be exposed to soap and water. It is advisable to have all gold jewelry cleaned at least once a year by a professional jeweler. Silver pieces can be cleaned at home with polishing creams, but blackened silver should not be exposed to such creams. We are always happy to clean your jewelry. Shipping and labor charges will apply.

Repairing and Polishing

We will make repairs for you. Charges may apply. email us to discuss your repair needs. We will also clean pieces and repolish them for you. Again, charges may apply. You are responsible for all shipping charges related to cleaning and repair jobs. Please be aware of any special finish on your jewelry -- such as a satin/matte finish or blackening -- if you bring your piece to another jeweler. Such finishes shouldn’t be removed or altered.

Untangling Chains

Wendy recommends using a pin or needle-nose tweezers to untangle chains. Even the simplest-seeming knots can spiral out of control if you attack them with your fingers.

"Conflict" Diamonds

We buy all loose diamonds for original designs from wholesalers who guarantee in writing that the gems are purchased from legitimate, non-conflict sources.

Treated Stones

The jewelry industry accepts certain kinds of color-enhancement treatments on natural stones. There are too many to list here, but heat treatment to enhance color is common. Some stones, like violet-blue Tanzanite, would not exist at all without heat treatment. Emeralds are oiled to prevent their many fractures from showing. Standard, industry-accepted treatments do not detract from the value and beauty of the stone. Any non-standard treatments will be identified in the product description.

Manufacturing Information

Wendy Brandes jewelry is manufactured in the New York City unless otherwise stated.

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